Mary Ann's Professional and Technical Interests

I've worked in the computing industry for more years than I care to count.  I'm currently an engineer at Bank One, building and deploying UNIX servers.

In my spare time, I do Information Technology and Workplace Gender consulting services, including discount web hosting and e-mail hosting services.

I've taught Certified Internet Webmaster classes, and served as a Technical Manager for Avaya which is a spinoff from Lucent Technologies. I supported e-mail and the corporate directory. It was a pretty intense job.  I'm now retired from Avaya, and looking into a possible career change.

I currently consult on workplace gender issues and information technology.

Various versions of my resume can be found on this web site.

On a hobby basis, I host the domains, and  I have a home network with several computers, which gives me an opportunity to test and evaluate new technology as well as keeping my family connected to the Internet.

Working with computers is my profession and my hobby. I'm especially fond of the UNIX operating system, but I use a PC when appropriate. My favorites are Sun Microsystems, which makes an excellent, robust UNIX-based computer, and Linux. This web site is hosted on a Linux workstation of mine, and it's doing the job very well.

I've been using the Internet since 1973, and made some contributions to it in the early 1980s. I was one of the developers of Berkeley UNIX, which became the software platform for Sun Microsystems. I contributed to tools such as vi, termcap/terminfo, and curses.

I led Usenet in the early days. I hold the dubious distinction of being the "ancient Internet scribe" of the oldest known surviving posting to Usenet. (No, that's not me in the picture - I was much skinnier then! :-) I'm still involved with e-mail. In the mid 1980s I founded and ran a volunteer organization that let the have-nots who could not afford Internet access still get e-mail using the Internet user@domain syntax.

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