Mary Ann's Photo Gallery

I know, I look a bit different than I used to. If you're curious to see the new look, you've come to the right place!

A favorite picture. This was taken by Fay Bass, my Mary Kay lady, immediately after a makeover. Taken about 1999 in Chicago.

My passport photo. No makeup - I don't need it as much anymore! (I still haven't figured out how they managed to make my hair look slicked-down.) Taken December 2001.

Picture of me taken by John Caron of Lutherans Concerned in Winter of 2000. I prized this picture for years, because it's what I really looked like after being out for a day. This was my ID photo for years.

Another favorite shot taken by John Caron. This one has been used by media to accompany stories.

The Boardroom Bitch - a shot from a TV commercial I was in, playing Aurora, a powerful transsexual executive of a Fortune 500 company.

A photo taken during a Glamour Shots session, April 1996. Glamour Shots did the makeover and hairstyling. I never looked this good on the street.

Taken at my friend Gwen's birthday party in 2002. I was on the way to a Stonewall banquet so I dressed up.

Two pictures of me in the mink, November 2002.

These two pictures are from Dawn & Katheryn's wedding, July 31, 2002. This was a legal same-sex wedding, in the Franklin County, Ohio, Courthouse. The picture below shows the judge performing the ceremony, I'm in the background as the "Best Woman." The wedding was legal in Ohio because Dawn was born male.

Two photos taken on my first full day of work as Mary Ann, Oct 9, 1998. On the left I'm sitting at my desk. On my right I'm introducing the featured speakers at the EQUAL! noon-hour talk, Tom and Michael Grote of Donatos.

A treasured photo, taken during the Federation meeting in Minneapolis in the summer of 1999. Twenty of us women skipped the officially, politically correct dinner boat cruise to attend the Lynx WNBA game at the Target Center. The Lynx featurd 5 players and a coach from the 2 time world champion Columbus Quest, which explains the shirt I'm wearing. This photo was taken after the game on the way out of the arena. Afterward we went dancing and coined the slogan "The movement that dances together, advances together!"

This special and unique photo was taken at the Cleveland "Be All You Can Be" in 1999. The banquet evening entertainment was "The Sissy Show", and the cast included Dawn Leach in her debut performance as a Drag King. We posed for this photo after the show.

This picture was taken at our inaugural offering of the Corporate Diversity class "Understanding Transgendered Workers" on June 9, 1999 at Lucent. Standing is Meral Crane, who taught the class. Seated are Jennifer, Sean, Rhonda, and me.

These two photos were taken at EQUAL! at Lucent Technologies conferences, and showcase the transgendered people present. The first one, taken in New York City in 1999, shows me, Sandy, Karen, Sharon, and Bonnie. (This photo has been indexed by Google, if you type "transgendered people" into their image search engine it will come up.)

This second EQUAL! picture was taken in Phoenix in 2000 and includes Sandy, me, Sean (our dashing transman), Karen, and in the front row, Sharon and Sue (who identifies as Gender Varient.)

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