We host a Movie Night every couple of months at our home in Poway. If you like old movies and enjoy the company of our friends, contact Katie Tucker or Mary Ann Horton on Facebook to be included on our invitation list.

Featured Movie

December 31 (5-9:30 PM) New Years Eve Party

Celebrate the New Year and get home at a reasonable hour! We will have a New Year’s Party on Eastern Time. Watch the ball drop on Times Square at 9 PM PST.
The Ohio State/Georgia football game will be on the family room TV for those interested. (No show tunes this year.)
This is an indoor, mask-free event for fully vaccinated guests. Please take a COVID test (at-home or PCR) to ensure everyone is negative.
We’ll have our usual pot luck, so please bring a dish to share. We’ll provide some soft drinks (iced tea, water) and wine, sparkling wine and cider.
As always, if you’re coming please RSVP to Mary Ann at mah@mhorton.net or (614) 599-0965.

Number Who
2 Mary Ann/Katie
2 Cindy/Jolene
2 Todd/Shawn
2 Harold/Evan
1 Betty
1 Jan V
1 Lacie
1 Lacie
1 Janet
1 Barbara
13 Total

Upcoming Movies (subject to change)

Dec 31 (5 PM) New Years Eve Party / Show Tunes

The Movie Night FAQ has directions and explains how this works.