We host a Movie Night every couple of months at our home. If you like old movies and enjoy the company of our friends, contact Katie Tucker on Facebook to be included on our invitation list.

Upcoming Movies

May 25 (12-6 PM) Memorial Day Pool Party

Come relax by our newly remodeled Pool, or take a dip! No movie this month, just a relaxing party.

Come any time! The party starts at noon and goes until 6PM. Please bring a pot luck item.

As always, if you’re coming please RSVP.

Number Who
2 Mary Ann/Katie
2 Janet/Sharon
2 Todd/Shawn
2 Barbara/Lyn
2 Cindy/Jolene
3 Emily/Pepper/Joan
2 Diane/Lauralee
4 Jason/Juliette
2 Bren/Carole
2 Christina/Bob
3 Nova/Carolina/Grace
1 Jackie
1 Sean
1 Autumn
1 Betty
1 Jane
1 Jan
1 Hollis
1 Blade
1 Danielle
1 Kathleen
1 Madelyn
37 Total

Upcoming dates (subject to change):

July 27:The Man Who Knew Too Much (Doris Day, James Stewart)

September 28: Family friendly Pool Party and outdoor Movie Night (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)

November 9: Movie TBD

December 31: New Years Eve Party / Show Tunes

The Movie Night FAQ explains how this works.